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Ignite Transformation at the SheRock Conference - A Journey of Healing, Empowerment, and Growth.

A unique blend of empowerment, education, and spiritual growth awaits you in this life-transforming conference


This 3-day conference is structured with a specific focus each day. The first day centers on soul care, the second day encourages self-care, and the third day elevates spiritual care.

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Each day is tailored to nurture a different aspect of your holistic well-being.

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  1. Healing Guidance: Gain access to spiritual and practical advice from the groundbreaking book 'Healing Brokenness', designed to help you mend the fragmented parts of your soul and achieve holistic well-being.

  2. Empowerment through Knowledge: Understand the intricacies of your relationships, from phileo to romantic to familial, and learn how to navigate them effectively for personal growth and fulfillment.

  3. Strategies for Success: Receive actionable strategies for boldness and success that you can immediately apply in your life, empowering you to move forward with confidence and courage.

  4. Unified Transformation: Share this profound experience with the women in your life. This is not just about individual transformation, but also about fostering collective growth and upliftment.

  5. Personalized Care: With a focused approach on soul care, you'll get the chance to delve deep into understanding and nurturing your inner self, starting your three-day journey on a powerful note.

Day 1 of the SheRock Conference is about kick-starting your journey of transformation with focused attention on soul care. This is an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss - not just for yourself, but for the collective growth of the strong, amazing women around you. Secure your spot now and take the first step towards personal evolution!

It's time to prioritize soul care. It's time for SheRock!


  1. Financial Recovery and Empowerment: Listen to expert speakers impart valuable knowledge on how to mend your relationship with money and rebound after financial loss, setting you on a path towards financial freedom and stability.

  2. Thriving Through Relationship Changes: Gain insights into navigating the various stages and changes in relationships effectively, helping you to build stronger connections and derive fulfillment, irrespective of your relationship status.

  3. Leveraging Joy: Discover how to leverage joy for your journey, turning it into a powerful tool for personal growth and resilience. Learn to infuse joy into every aspect of your life, reaping its transformative benefits.

  4. Holistic Self-Care: Understand the importance of comprehensive self-care, that goes beyond physical wellness to include mental, emotional, and financial well-being.

  5. Unified Growth: Continue the collective journey of transformation initiated on Day 1. By focusing on self-care, Day 2 helps you further build on the personal and collective growth achieved on the previous day.

Day 2 of the SheRock Conference, dedicated to self-care, provides you with the tools and knowledge to care for your own well-being in every aspect of your life, leading to self-empowerment. This is a golden opportunity to not only improve your own life but also to continue influencing the collective transformation of the women in your community.

Join us on Day 2, as we dive deeper into the journey of self-empowerment and communal upliftment. It's time to prioritize self-care. It's time for SheRock!

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  1. Dominion Through Spirituality: Learn to move with the dominion you're called to possess. Our esteemed speakers, including Dr. Jazz (Daughter of Thunder) and Dr. Prophetess Suzette Walters, will guide you on this spiritual journey, empowering you with the spiritual strategies needed to thrive.

  2. Sustaining Success: Acquire the tools necessary to sustain the success you've achieved through healing and strategic planning, ensuring that your progress isn't just momentary but long-lasting and consistent.

  3. Navigating the Future: Prepare to navigate your new path and the seasons ahead with increased foresight, clarity, and confidence, approaching life's challenges as a daughter of the divine.

  4. Monetizing Purpose: Learn how to monetize your purpose and leverage your spiritual gifts in the marketplace. Turn your passion and skills into a sustainable source of income without compromising your spiritual integrity.

  5. Unified Spiritual Growth: The final day of SheRock Conference cements the unity and collective transformation of women from across the globe. The focus on spiritual care completes the holistic growth experience, ensuring that every aspect of your being - soul, self, and spirit - has been cared for and empowered.

Day 3 of the SheRock Conference, with its focus on spiritual care, arms you with the spiritual strategies and tools necessary for personal and collective success. The knowledge and insight gained from our esteemed speakers will not only transform your spiritual life but also influence your practical approach to life's challenges and opportunities.

Join us on Day 3, as we culminate this transformative journey with spiritual empowerment. It's time to prioritize spiritual care. It's time for SheRock!

In today's world, the call for women's empowerment echoes louder than ever. Answer that call at the SheRock Conference.

Through this engaging platform, women will gain tools and insights to overcome personal trauma, build financial security, and foster growth in their careers and businesses.

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SheRock Conference is an inspirational event designed to equip and inspire women to navigate through life's obstacles and secure their financial independence.


More than just a conference, it's a community committed to rescuing, rebuilding, and restoring the lives of women across the globe.

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